beach home decor tableware

Tableware Beach Decor

The kitchen and table are the center of the ocean side or beach house social scene. If you need a seaside touch - or glasses or bowls or serving pieces or bottles openers or lighting or napkin holders or or or - come take a look.

seashells-and-sealife-tableware-Natural Shell Handle Serving Spoon And Fork

Natural Shell Handle Serving Spoon And Fork

$ 18
tableware-linens-15x70 Navy Shell Burlap Table Runner

15x70 Navy Shell Burlap Table Runner

$ 32
tableware-linens-24x15 Octopus Dish Towel

24x15 Octopus Dish Towel

$ 11
tableware-accessories-Starfish Salt And Pepper Shakers

Starfish Salt And Pepper Shakers

$ 19
tableware-linens-Hemstitched Shell Print Table Runner

Hemstitched Shell Print Table Runner

$ 32
hawaii-and-tropical-tropical-decor-Sea Motif Mini Boards

Sea Motif Mini Boards

$ 17
tableware-linens-24x15 Seahorse Dish Towel

24x15 Seahorse Dish Towel

$ 11
tableware-accessories-Iron Anchor Bottle Opener

Iron Anchor Bottle Opener

$ 18