Why Shop Seaside Inspired?

Quality and Natural Materials

We focus only on higher end products. We also limit our selection of materials to natural material - metals, wood, cloth, glass, rope, and ceramics.
We believe that surrounding yourself with both beauty and natural material eases the soul. While we cannot bring you the ocean, we do our best to bring that natural feeling to you through our product selection.

FREE Shipping

Within the USA, we provide $10 shipping on orders up to $100 -- and FREE shipping over $100, or for any orders within California.
Outside of the USA, shipping varies by destination and order.

Family Owned Business

We love what we do. We are also competing in a world of large corporations with huge budgets for advertising and promotion. Corporations exist to make money, and you cannot say who or where that money goes. By supporting us, you support small business in the USA. For this, we greatly appreciate your support.

If you love the beach and ocean as we do, this is the place to find the items you are looking for.

We specialize in ONLY beach and ocean decor. From lighting, to pillows, to tableware, to wall decor, signs, art, and more ... we spend our time finding the items we know you will love.

No Sales Tax

Unless you are in California, we do not charge sales tax. This can save an average of 10%.
If you are in California, we drastically reduce shipping costs, as we appreciate local business too.
We do have a store in Santa Cruz if you are close enough to pick up your order - no shipping charged for that :)

Easy Returns

If you are unsatisfied with the product, we offer the ability to return it without paying restocking fees. We ask you simply let us know why (this helps us keep top quality products if you were unhappy with quality..we want to know!), and will provide you a return number,and address to send it back.
We refund 100% of the product cost, although shipping is not refunded.


A lot of our product is hand made. This guarantees you are getting a unique item -no other item in existence will be identical. There is something fulfilling knowing you have both a product that was created by a human being, and that what you have is unique. We value that - and trust you will too.

We stock what we sell - and ship immediately

Some businesses wait for an order then try to buy the product. While this keeps the cost of inventory down, it results in delays of weeks or months to get a product.
We will not sell a product we do not have.
We generally ship orders within one business day, and always ship with tracking.


We stand behind our products. We stand behind our name. If you have any problems, we are here to work with you and solve them. Seaside Inspired has been in business since 2005, with tens of thousands of orders. We use secure card processing, do not store card (it is processed at a secure 3rd party merchant), and treat your information and privacy with the utmost respect.
We know that trust in a business is critical, and will continue to do everything we can to keep that trust.