Seaside Inspired Shipping Information

Within the USA: we provide $10 shipping on orders up to $100 -- and FREE shipping over $100, or for any orders within California.
Outside the USA: our shipping varies by destination, weight and size.
Final shipping costs are provided after you enter your shipping address from the checkout page.
Because of the nature of shipping, these costs are estimates of our actual costs. We will not charge you more than the cost listed.
If you feel actual shipping costs are less than what we charge, please email service @ and we will check our actual costs after shipping, and refund the difference if shipping was less than what we charged you.
Again, you do not have to ever pay more than actual shipping costs...
IF actual costs are A LOT higher than what we charged (very rare, but can happen), we may contact you and request additional funds be provided to ship the product(s). We only use shipping methods that include tracking, and share that tracking number with you as soon as it is available.