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Gifts & Holiday

From hangable decorations for the deck or just around the house, to beach Christmas ornaments, to ready to give coastal or ocean themed gifts, find them here. Everything you need for seaside holiday decor or gifts.

accessories-driftwood-White Wash Driftwood Garland

White Wash Driftwood Garland

$ 34
gifts-and-holidays-ornaments-beach-3inch Tropical Drink Decoration

3inch Tropical Drink Decoration

$ 9
gifts-and-holidays-ornaments-shells-Sea Urchin Ornaments

Sea Urchin Ornaments

$ 15
gifts-and-holidays-ornaments-shells-7x5 Starfish With Random Shell Ornaments

7x5 Starfish With Random Shell Ornaments

$ 19
nautical-accessories-4 to 8 inch Glass Float - Netted and Clear

4 To 8 Inch Glass Float - Netted And Clear

$ 14-44
accessories-driftwood-8inch Driftwood Tree Ornament

8inch Driftwood Tree Ornament

$ 16
gifts-and-holidays-decor-Ocean Bubble Glass Garland 4foot

Ocean Bubble Glass Garland 4foot

$ 48
seashells-and-sealife-natural-shells-Shell Wreath Decoration  -3 Styles

Shell Wreath Decoration -3 Styles

$ 18