home decor accessories


Grouped by function -like photo frames, vases or rugs- and by construction - like driftwood, shells or sea life, you will find a great selection of unique and quality ocean and beach decor accessories here. Don`t forget the accents!

accessories-driftwood-Driftwood Bird House

Driftwood Bird House

$ 54
seashells-and-sealife-natural-shells-Rope And Shell Large Wreath

Rope And Shell Large Wreath

$ 40
accessories-accents-Mounted Teak Wood Doorknob

Mounted Teak Wood Doorknob

$ 27
accessories-driftwood-7 Round Driftwood Star Ornament

7 Round Driftwood Star Ornament

$ 12
accessories-photo-frames-Pine Wood - Sea Foam Small Frame

Pine Wood - Sea Foam Small Frame

$ 23
seashells-and-sealife-natural-shells-7foot long Starfish And Shell Garland

7foot Long Starfish And Shell Garland

$ 62
accessories-accents-white shell sphere with driftwood stand

White Shell Sphere With Driftwood Stand

$ 20 - 65
accessories-driftwood-Large Diftwood Sea Turtle Sculpture

Large Diftwood Sea Turtle Sculpture

$ 63